Payment Info

Payment Information:

Depending on your region, we are able to accept the following forms of payment:
We accept PayPal, Visa and Mastercard Online Payment.


1. Is it safe to pay by credit card ?
As a leading e-commerce shopping site. We absolutely guarantee the privacy of customer information (name, address, telephone, credit card information). Our website has been certified by Shopify SSL. All your information is encrypted with 256-bit SSL. so if there are any problems about the payment,you should contact your credit card company to learn what has happened.

2. The reasons for unsuccessfull payment Guests paid for it but declined (pay is rejected ), it may be the reason as follows:
1. The payment information you filled out was not correct
2. The credit card balance is too less.
3. The issuing bank does not support online shopping,Please call your bank to open a transnational Internet transaction or open a transaction in the Asian region; please pay again after the bank is opened.